SGB Invests In Innovation

SGB Invests In Innovation

In line with the SGB legacy of innovation, SGB has invested heavily in innovation across the product portfolio and customer offering. These investments continue to position SGB as the go-to for innovative concepts and partnership.

Innovation has expanded across various categories and themes:


SGB has added new standards for cosmetics including make up, brushes, and skin care items. 

We are offering many new innovative dropper designs and standards.

We have added a wide portfolio of make-up standards and brushes to our color cosmetic offering.

We has an expanded glass and plastic bottle & jar offering.


SGB has added many new cap standards in various materials to our portfolio. This compliments the new glass standards and eco-standards available for fragrance packaging.


Sustainability is a theme across all innovation. For example, our new airless offering BAIA is available in 30% and 50% PCR.

We are offering a wide range of sustainable plastics such as CHEMICAL PCR and CIRCULAR MATERIALS in additional to the standard PCR. 

We are offering a wide range of mono-material items that are recyclable from sampling to primary SKU sizes.

We have the highest certifications in eco-standards for a packaging provider.