Sampling should leave an impression. We specialize in sampling and single dose thermoform packs. We have vertical and horizontal filling specialties and more than 100 standard molds for both skincare and color cosmetics. With emphasis on graphics and color, the sample can be presented as a tester or an exact replica of the product. Thermoform packaging is a critical component for any sampling strategy or perfect for single dose retail packaging.

CATEGORY OFFERING: Cosmetic sampling, ideas for promotional packaging, thermoform sampling, cosmetic vertical filling, cosmetic horizontal filling, makeup sampling, skincare care sampling, sampling for retail sale, single dose and regimen retreatments for retail sale

TYPE OF PROJECTS: Cosmetic Sampling, Lip Sampling, Beauty Sampling, Skin Care Sampling, Fragrance Sampling, Body Sampling, Sampling for Retail Sale, Hair Care Sampling, Men’s Grooming Sampling, Sampling