UNIFY Fragrance Launches with SGB!

UNIFY Fragrance Launches with SGB!

UNIFY is a cutting edge new fragrance brand. See below Q&A with general manager Brooke Lacey on the role of wood packaging for their brand identity.

Q: What is UNIFY?

A: Unify is a collection of genderless scents that offer clean, earth-inspired ingredients. We are creating a space where scent isn’t defined by who you are, but is captured in your grandest adventures and your most mundane life tasks

Q: Why did you choose wood for your cap?

A: We chose wood for our cap because we loved the natural feeling of it. We also wanted to keep the brand very elevated and for that reason we chose the navy blue color for the wood, so that we could marry the high end feeling with the natural feel of the earth in the wood.  We think it gives it that extra edge by adding the color.

Q: How did the Wood Cap make the overall package stand out from the competition?


The cap we chose helps to make our overall presentation stand out from the competition because not many companies are using wooden caps. We wanted something strong, but also feminine because we were creating a unisex brand. We felt that the wood was a strong, natural element that would stand out on someone’s vanity (no matter their gender) but also stand out on a shelf because of the substantialness and color of the wooden cap. We also paired the wooden cap with a thin weight font on the bottle that helps balance the two design elements.

Q: How did Wood as a natural element play into the brand identity?

The wood being a natural element was essential to our brand identity because we go back to the earth in our designs, branding, and scents. We wanted something grounding that would help represent what we stood for as a company and I think it does a great job in doing so. We get many compliments and reviews on the uniqueness of our wooden caps.