SGB Offers Solutions Make Up & Sampling

SGB Offers Solutions Make Up & Sampling

More than ever before, sampling in a sanitary way is becoming increasing important. With the growth of online sales and re-invention of point of sale sampling, brands who can solve for cosmetic sampling will win.

SGB has long been proudly offering innovative sampling solutions in cosmetics and fragrances.

Our latest offering for the market, LIV STICK, is a testament to the innovative being done in the sampling space.

Introducing…Livstick, a «beauty match» that allows customers to sample lip color safely. It is a wooden stick whose end is wrapped in the formula. Inserted into a blister, it allows testing under optimal conditions. 100% secure, the stick is fully protected.The Livstick allows the consumer to experience the product in total confidence. Livcstick is for all products that can be hot poured like eyebrow care, eyeliner, lip balm, and more! It is possible to sample different shades and products at the same time

SGB packaging carries a wide range of sale-able make up packaging in plastic and glass. We are offering mascara, lip stick, face and nail polish packaging.

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