Fragrance Packaging - PCR & Sustainable Packaging

Fragrance Packaging - PCR & Sustainable Packaging

In respond to market demands for sustainable fragrance packaging, SGB Packaging Group is unveiling a new line of eco-friendly packaging solutions.

PCR (Post Consumer Resin) is at the forefront of our developments. Our team is participating in the curricular economy – leveraging the real products that customers have used and ultimately, recycle. We are able to leverage PCR Glass and Plastic in order to create beautiful packaging.

100% PCR Fragrance Bottles

While you may have been told it can’t be done, our team is offering up to 100% PCR Glass solutions. The first-to-market with this offering our team is helping many brands transition to more responsible packaging options.

PCR Fragrance Caps

The fragrance package is not complete without a beautiful fragrance cap to complete the look. SGB is offering PCR caps in various materials such as PP or Surlyn.

Bio Degradable Fragrance Caps

For brands that are interested in an alternative to PCR, we are proud to offer the first-to-market biodegradable wood caps for fragrances. Wood is a natural, organic material that is grown from the earth. The Woork system allows brands to leverage both the elegant design of wood and the upside of its environmental aspects.