My sincere thank you goes to the SGB team who produced our Eighteen B Defend + Nourish Eye Cream primary packaging. It can be rare to find a partner that is as warm, genuine, and kind as they are efficient, creative, and results-driven. Throughout the course of our project, we learned, adapted, and problem-solved, with SGB delivering a final product that exceeded our expectations. I was consistently impressed by the excellent customer service from SGB's team, who took the time to understand our company, our values, and our goals, while executing with ample flexibility and determinedness. My experience with SGB was a true pleasure, and I look forward to future collaborations with this world-class team.
Eighteen B
“I have been working with SGB Packaging Group for over 20 years in various roles at different cosmetic & beauty companies. I am always amazed by their fast response time and ability to deliver quality & excellence. Their reputation precedes them.”
Gloria Carr
Industry Veteran
“Shoshana and her team are in tune with the latest developments in packaging. We are lucky to have them as our key supplier.”
Terry Houston
Packaging Innovation Manager
“When faced with the impossible request, I know I can count on SGB to provide the best packaging solution. Whether it is a unique package or a short lead time, SGB knows exactly how to deliver!”
Jake Nguyen
Packaging Developer
“It is always a pleasure to work with the SGB team. They are detail oriented and supportive throughout the development process.”
Andrea Mendoza
Packaging Engineer
“SGB provided excellent service and support throughout my launch. I did not have too much experience in packaging, but their team was extremely knowledgeable and guided me to beautiful solutions! Thank you!”
Geralyn Fraser
Boutique Fragrance Customer