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Custom Development


SGB Packaging Group offers a wide range of services to our customers:

Full Packaging
To ensure quality, fitment, and optimize costs, SGB offers our customers complete packaging – bottle, pump, cap, decoration, secondary packaging & more.

Custom Packaging
We are able to develop custom packaging solutions ranging from glass to plastics. We have experienced engineers that will be able to support throughout the development process.

Decoration Services
We are at the cutting edge of decoration to support unique brands, offering a wide range of innovative and on-trend effects. We offer spray coating, frosting, silk screen printing, digital printing, labeling, metallization and unique on trend effects.

Filling & Turnkey Services
We can provide turnkey services including the mixing of your bulk, filling, and secondary packaging. Make your life easier with a one-stop shop.

Eco-Friendly Packaging
We are able to procure responsible packaging ranging from bottles to caps to boxes!

Testing & Compatibility
On complex packages, we offer testing & compatibility services.